Safe and Independent Living (SAIL)

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What is SAIL?

SAIL (Safe and Independent Living) is a signposting assessment that puts you in touch with a wide range of help, advice and support services across Wiltshire.
The simple form can be completed by any organisation or individual, and is designed to help an individual get the information they need to live as independently as possible within their community.


How it works

A representative from the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue service will complete the assessment with you identifying which organisations you might need to speak with. Once you have given permission for your details to be shared with these organisations the form will be shared with the relevant groups.
Any groups who receive your information are bound under the Data Protection Act and will deal with personal information in accordance with the law.
You will be left with a card which details which organisations you have given permission to contact you.
Within six weeks (often a lot less) the organisations will contact you and support you through the provision of information that will help you to live safely and independently within your community.


Can I complete the form myself?

If you would like to complete the form online please click the SAIL form ▶
Please note in order to complete the form you will need to create an account on this information website and give permission for your details to be shared. As a result of the information you provide us with, e-mails will be sent to the organisation listed against the relevant questions.
When organisations receive notification they will be in contact within six weeks (usually contact will be made more quickly)


Questions and more information

For more information please e-mail
To complete or download the form you can do so using the SAIL Form ▶