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What is a Care and Support Plan?

If you are assessed by Wiltshire Council and are found to be eligible for support, the next stage is to draw up a care and support plan, or in the case of a carer with eligible needs, a support plan, which sets out how your care and support needs will be met.

You should be fully involved in the preparation of your care and support plan, and you and anyone else you request should also get a written copy.

The care plan must set out:

  • All your needs, identified during your assessment, and the goals (outcomes) that you want to achieve
  • Which needs will be met by a carer, by your own network and by resources in your local community
  • Which needs the council is going to meet, and how it will do this
  • For a carer, their needs for support, the outcomes the carer wishes to achieve and how these will be met
  • Your personal budget, which is the amount of money it will cost the council to need the needs it is responsible for
  • Information and advice that is relevant to you and your situation

Your care plan should be individual to you, and you should have as much involvement in the development of your plan as you wish. If you take all or part of your personal budget as a direct payment then you can work with the direct payment support services to write your care and support plan.



Your support plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure it continues to reflect the care and support you need. If you feel your support plan needs to be reviewed you should talk to the Council’s Advice and Contact Team


An advocate may be able to support you creating a care and support plan. Please see the advocacy page for more information

Page last updated: 21st May 2018